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Life here began out there...

What does it mean to be human? The question is a legitimate one and part of the appeal that makes "Battlestar Galactica" such a richly engrossing drama. For roleplayers who are drifting in and out of RP communities, I wanted to offer a home to experience the show's haunting environment with other writers. It's my hope that this becomes a place where you can relax (until the next crisis!) and RP as though it were a joy and not a chore. With any luck, you'll discover an honest crew that's low in pretention.

One crisis to another will be thrown in your face. It's up to you and your fellow fleet mates to bail yourself out of life or death situations. The survival of your character (literally and professionally) is your most important job. Loyalties will be tested and some friendships, too. After all, some problems are beyond our control. We fail and we make mistakes. We don't always get what we want. Our flaws, who we choose to love, how we handle the constant pressures of life -- these are some of the choices that ultimately define the individual. And that's what I'm hoping our characters will discover from each other along the way.

One fleet. One civilization. One desperate attempt to save the human race from extinction without turning on one another... I'd like to welcome you aboard the Battlestar Galactica. Pick a character and please help yourself to all the fracking fun. :)

-- Kris, mod

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Leave that outside the LJ-cut (which must be used on every post, please). You can write open threads for anyone (or a particular person), as well as post logs of an RP you had with someone over AIM. When RPing over AIM, clean up your transcripts into paragraphs only. No one likes sorting through clutter.

Only RPs can be posted on this community. We chat OOC over at conditionone.

Continuity: This universe is canon-centered with plenty of room for intertwining original plotlines. The continuity is dependent upon seasons that have been released on DVD.

Timeline: We began our story during the episode "Water". From there, who knows where we'll go. Updates to the timeline are on posts called [Previously].

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