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22 July 2006 @ 07:11 pm
The Speech, Part 2  
Who: Laura Roslin et all (Anyone is welcome to join, please, please post with me!)
Where: Galatica's Hangar Deck
When: 45 minutes into the crisis
What: Laura Roslin speaks to the fleet and takes questions.

The walk to the deck had been oddly quiet, as if there weren't probably over 100 people waiting on that deck and demanding to see the President individually. The quiet and steel lined halls of Galatica protected her from the constant phone calls and press demands that had been pouring in not just since the cholera outbreak, but since the first announcement of a possible delay in the water.

Now she had both issues to deal with, and neither had a simple solution. In fact, either had ANY solution just yet. But Roslin couldn't make the fleet wait any longer. The demands were growing more and more insistant and she feared violence if she didn't tell the people something. So those who most needed to know, as well as the fleet wide press, were invited to Galatica to hear the President's state of the colonies address concerning this matter.

Laura stepped into the deck and she could already feel the heat from the bodies. It was suddenly loud, briefly overwhelming, but she steeled herself against it, drew in a deep breath, and calmly weaved her way through the sudden press of demanding bodies towards the stage. "No comment, wait for the speech... I will give no comments until I have addressed everyone!" Laura sternly waved away the microphones and shouted demands, trying to keep Billy near her even in the fray. Eventually, she made it to the podium. Things finally seemed to briefly calm.

"Ladies and gentlemen of the fleet..." Laura began, her voice surprisingly steady for all the lacking certainty in her heart. "By now, you have all heard rumors about not only a delay in fresh water supplies, but a possible out break of Cholera in our fleet. I will not lie to you and say it is untrue. But I promise you that neither situation is threatening to your lives or your individual ships." She paused just a moment, swallowing back her breath as she could feel the mutters and wave of doubt spreading through the audience. She plowed on before they could start shouting again. "The delay in collecting water reserves will set our dispensing schedule back by 12 hours at the most. I know you all need showers, and to do laundry. I know it has been a long few weeks. But another 12 hours won't do any harm, and I promise you the water will come then. One of the drills on the surface has worn out and the water is just being collected a bit slower than previous. It is there, and we will have full and fresh water stores again soon. Just one half day, that is all you must wait, but I do beg your patience in this matter.

"As for the other rumors, they are true as well. The Gideon has suffered from a minor outbreak of Cholera. But I assure you it has been confined to that ship and that ship alone. Our medics are already heading for the scene and the victims will be treated and cured. It is not a deadly disease, not in this age of technology. No one has yet died from the infection and we are helping all those who will accept care. The matter is under control, and I advise you to go back to your daily routines until the water supplies come in within 12 hours from the previously projected time. I thank you very much for your time and attentions. I will now open the floor to questions." Always dangerous words to utter, but she had nothing to hide, she spoke the truth, she might as well let them see that.
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