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28 June 2006 @ 10:17 am
[OPEN] To Sharon...  
Who: Helo and Sharon
What: Still on the run...
Where: Caprica, where else?
When: Nightfall, week two on Caprica.

There was something about dusk falling just after a long rain that made it seem like maybe, just maybe, the whole planet wasn't as doomed as you knew it to be. The radiation slowly leeching life from everything on Caprica was insidious and invisible, but there was still that hope that maybe the rain had washed everything clean of it.

And then Helo remembered the shape of the clouds, and knew that clinging to that hope was more dangerous than anything of physical threat he could possibly face. There would be no finding a remote spot and holing up. They had to get off the planet.


Glancing down at the sleeping figure beside him, he couldn't help a smile. If he had to put hope in something, it should be Sharon. He'd never asked her to come back for him, but she had none the less. He didn't rightly know how to thank her for that, but protecting her at all costs seemed like a good start. Not that he wouldn't have anyway, but she'd risked her life to come rescue him, and he hoped she knew he'd do the same for her.

Sharon had looked so exhausted lately that he was loathe to wake her, but nightfall would be upon them within minutes, and that was the best time for them to move undetected towards the signal they were tracking.

"Hey," Helo said quietly, wiping rain from his face before reaching down to nudge Sharon's shoulder gently. He frowned out at the forest beyond them when she remained peacefully oblivious, then tried again. "Sharon..."
sharonvalerii on June 28th, 2006 05:06 pm (UTC)
Number Eight was tired... And she was hungry... The flesh and organs tightly wound around her manufactured skeleton still conspired to make fatigue a real and perturbing sensation. Her joints ached; none of the pain was conjured. As lieutenant-in-training, Sharon had endured the daily hardships of PT...yet despite those memories, her muscles nonetheless waged a complaint against something like this. Running all day on an empty stomach. Running all the time.

Through the dark cloud of sleep, Helo's voice eased her thoughts into paying attention. After only a precious four hours of rest, her head spun to be woken. If she concentrated hard enough she was able to ignore the pain at will...thereby curbing it... She'd been built with so much love and patience. And consideration.

Sharon used to think herself a hardy woman. All her life, she believed it was just because she took excellent care of her body. How stupid was she then, to know the truth couldn't be farther from fantasy?

With a listless mutter, she opened her eyes and greeted the moonlight, waking convincingly with a tiny start. It was the first time he'd interrupted her sleep since they've been on the run and deep beneath her self-conscious behavior, she was actually worried.

"Still the frakking LT," she chastised him quietly.

Sharon craned her neck up to gaze at the tall figure shadowing her. She didn't mean it, her face told him; she enjoyed Helo's comfortable new habit of calling by her real name. Earlier, she felt him tossing and turning beside her, but that was to be expected. She had grown accustomed to being studied like a wild animal; even with her back turned, she could tell where his eyes were. Part of it was probably concern for his commanding officer...she tended to sleep away the distraction.

"What is it, Helo?"

Sharon wondered what it felt like for him to suddenly be met with Boomer's doppelganger. Helo could be self-serving with his machismo sometimes, but he wasn't stupid. It must have been really frakking coincidental that she suddenly showed up. If he was scared of her, he showed no sign of it.
helo_agathon on July 13th, 2006 02:33 pm (UTC)
The eternal optimist in Helo hadn't quite twigged into the fact that he probably should be scared of her, but it was Boomer and he wasn't in a position to turn down the help of a partner who'd apparently come all the way back to Caprica to rescue him. He wanted to hope her presence was karma being decent rather than look too hard at the little inconsistancies that should have raised a whole lot of white flags in his mind.

For the time being, she was the Boomer who couldn't trap a landing to save her life and who bossed him around imperiously even if he didn't have it in him to be cowed by her. And she needed to wake up. Because, not to alarm her or anything, but now that the rain had died down, their little clearing was starting to eminate an odd sort of stench. A distinctive, odd sort of stench.

"We need to get moving." Helo replied concisely, and there was little compromise in his tone, even if she was the superior officer. He quinted into the encroaching darkness and found he didn't like the feeling their resting place was giving him. "We're almost to Dephi, we can make some progress in the dark."
sharonvalerii on July 13th, 2006 03:37 pm (UTC)
She chalked up the acrid scent as one of the forest's mysterious smells from the fallout...but then, she studied his distasteful expression and began to take note of the smell again. Sharon turned her gaze over her shoulder.

"Is something--?"

Clouds passed and cleared the way for the moon, which revealed three mounds poking through the mud. Human skulls. The bodies attached to them were crumpled irreverently some feet away. Sharon's eyes widened and her figure backed into his with a start -- they'd fallen asleep atop a freshly rotting grave.


The pleasant feeling of waking up next to him was replaced with a sudden, sick inertia. Her hand flew to her mouth; silence was of the essence in this place. She nodded and held his arm to steady herself, then stood nervously, offering her hand to let him up. Sharon's disorientation was real: the Centurions had obviously been here before. There was no telling if they'd be passing on through a second time.