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21 June 2006 @ 02:13 am
Coming to Galatica...  
Who: Commander Adama, Captain Adama, Billy Keikeya, President Roslin (and any others coming to greet the party, or in on the later meeting)
Where: Galatica's docking collar (and into Galatica)
When: Just after the reports of the Cholera outbreak
What: Team Prez comes to meet Team Adama and chat some crisis management.

The soft jerk that was the final seal between Colonial One's bay and Galatica's docking collar was barely noticable except to those who anxiously waited on the deck beyond. There was no time to waste. Laura stood stately and slender upon the edge of the airlock, Billy at her side, her only company for this excursion. Wally had volunteered to remain behind and hold down the fort. He was a good man, more than a good man, with all the abuse he would be taking until the President could get an offical statement to the fleet. And then probably a good deal of abuse afterwards. Invaluable, truth be told. His remaining behind let Laura take these few days on Galatica to manage this crisis at Commander Adama's side. She didn't tell Wallace thank you enough. She would have to do that when she got back.

Laura closed her eyes, clutching her small suitcase infront of her, in both hands, just a little life line to keep her grounded and her hands steady and calm. She had changed, quickly, into her dark, pin stripe suit with the two clasps just at the side of her waist. A white shirt beneath that, the matching slacks, and the only pair of shoes she owned. It was a miracle she even had three suits left. One other of those suits rested in the small case she carried, along with a few essentials and a lot of paper work. She felt, briefly, like a girl going off to some sort of summer camp. Only there was little to be enjoyed in this camp and the fate of the human race rested on these few days on a foreign ship. Days like this, she wished she was a praying woman.

The soft hiss of the airlock filling with air now that the docking clamp had been sealed drew Roslin's eyes back open. It would be a matter of seconds now until she and Billy stood face to face with the military greeting party. It was no time to be tired. She drew in a breath through her nose and smiled, tilting her gaze to the side to watch Billy a moment, "Ready for this? It's going to be a long few days." But the words weren't meant to frighten or intimidate him. No, on the contrary, they were said almost in the tone of a pep talk. A momentary gearing up between the both of them before Roslin turned her smile back upon the opening air lock and stepped through.

It had begun.
Current Location: Battlestar Galatica
Current Mood: working
Current Music: "Lords of Kobol" BSG Season 2
adama_bsg_75: adama roslinadama_bsg_75 on June 24th, 2006 09:34 pm (UTC)
Bill waited in the docking collar as the airlock cycled, he let his eyes take note of the pressure dial on the bulkhead and watched as the needle swung round to the wide green segment of the display.

”Hard seal Sir.”

He nodded and the crewman cranked the manual valve before lifting a handset and informing the Captain of Colonial One it was safe for the occupants of his ship to deplane and make their way to the ladderwell down onto the deck. It only took a few more moments for Laura to come carefully through the docking collar and, briefcase in one hand, climb down the ladder towards the greeting deck.

”President of the Colonies, Laura Roslin arriving.”

Adama and the other officers drew their heels together as the boatswain’s chimes sounded throughout the shipwide address. There hadn’t been time to arrange the proper welcoming ceremony for the Commander in Chief but he still determined to render her the honours she deserved. Bill watched as she navigated the rungs of the ladder in her heels. A manoeuvre she had become adept at in the past weeks she turned as smoothed the line of her clothes.

adama_bsg_75: adama roslinadama_bsg_75 on June 24th, 2006 09:35 pm (UTC)
She was in a fresh suit for the time being, hair quickly combed, managing to look surprisingly put together for the 10 minutes she had between the phone call and arriving. Billy was, as usual, right behind her. She carefully stepped off the final ladder rung and, after taking a step to the side, she turned in Adama's direction, a small smile on her lips. When her soft, disarming smile fell on him he found the corners of his own mouth begin to crease into one to mirror the President. It wasn’t the same gesture of politeness he had offered days earlier in the Core, when he stood in dress greys as opposed to a blue day uniform. Instead this small genuine smile was offered as unspoken gesture of support.

She offered her hand in his direction after switching her briefcase into her left palm, "Commander Adama, it is good to see you again…despite the circumstances. I would ask if all was well, but..." A slight, bittersweet sound to her lips as the end of those words.

Bill felt slightly uncomfortable. Protocol dictated that he render and hand salute to the President but there she was extending her hand to him. Protocol or not, it was more important that if he felt awkward that she was not made feel the same way, especially under the eyes of his assembled senior staff. “Madame President.” He said formally, taking her hand. “It’s always an honour.” He shook her hand “And a pleasure.”

Roslin saw the slight hesitation in his motions, only for a heartbeat later realizing that perhaps she again broke some little bit of military protocol. For just a second, her blue eyes flickered up and over Adama's shoulder, searching for his son. Lee would give some sort of hint at where she went wrong. But there was no time now. Roslin quickly pumped Commander Adama's hand in a warm, respectful motion before allowing her small fingertips to fall away, that business like smile lingering upon her lips.

He gestured towards the hatchway. “If you have no objections, we’ll meet in the wardroom and assess the situation there before defining our response?”

"Of course, lead the way." She didn't spend any more time on niceties. For the moment, they were just excess fat and wasted time in a situation where time itself was very lean. She turned upon the ball of her foot, giving Billy just a brief nod to follow, she did wish him to join this conference, and then she herself following Adama down the stately steel hallways of Galactica.

adama_bsg_75adama_bsg_75 on June 24th, 2006 09:36 pm (UTC)
As they made their way along the causeway to the promenade deck crew about their duties yielded to the procession of military and civilian delegates. As she walked beside him bill could detect a note of weariness in the way she carried herself. To the casual onlooker she was still the forthright picture of resolute dignity. To him however the fact that her eyes lacked some of their normal lustre or the shallow yawn she permitted and covered with her hand were as incongruous to the public face of Laura Roslin as it would be to see him walking the same decks in civilian clothes. “I’m sorry for not sending a raptor for you,” he spoke quietly. “When you mentioned your communications problems I thought we could kill two birds with one stone. I’ve arranged for a technical detail to go to Colonial One while it’s berthed here and upgrade the wireless suite. They’ll also install a dedicated scrambled line so you’ll always be able to reach –“ Adama hesitated before adding ‘me’ “The Galactica.”

Laura was fine. Really, a bit tired, a bit caught off guard by their newest disaster, but she was fine. She did her very best to hide that exhaustion, just waiting for adrenaline to kick in eventually. If she had any left, that was. It felt like they all had been living off of adrenaline alone since the colonies were attacked. But that was their life, their duties, no turning back from it now. She nodded in approval at the comment about the wireless suite, "Excellent. That is most appreciated. Truth be told, Colonial One... was never meant to be Colonial One. There are lots of upgrades that need done, but she does her job." A faint smile graced her lips in Adama's direction, and she watched them as they walked. The stalwart, upright strength of his body even just crossing over the decks of his noble ship. A part of her just wanted to reach out, squeeze his hand, thank him for dealing with this together. He could have, very well, said it was a Civilian matter. It truly was. But he didn't. "...I appreciate this, Commander. The support during this situation. I think it's good for the people to see the military and the civilian government working together." She finally echoed after a moment.

“This is your flagship Madame President.”

Bill answered the salute of the pair of crew with ‘security’ armbands who stood either side of the hatch to the wardroom. When the heavy door was opened he stood to the side and gestured for her to enter first.

Roslin smoothly stepped around the corner, giving a brief nod to the security guards, a motion of respect and thanks at the same moment. No one could say she didn't appreciate the Galactica crew, and when she could show them that, even in brief moments, she would. She stepped into the familiar ward room, having been here for most every meeting she held aboard the Galactica. Automatically, she went to her side of the table, the place she usually set up shop for business, her briefcase up on the table top, careful to open just the top with files. The bottom had the little bit of clothing she carried with her. "Alright, have any new reports come in over the last ten minutes? What's the update on the actual situation aboard the Gideon?" Now, it was time for business.

[[OOC: A joint post between presidentroslin and adama_bsg_75 other characters should feel free to leap in, we just did some IM RP while we had time.]]
wilhelmkeikeya on June 28th, 2006 08:02 pm (UTC)
Billy quickly pulled his second case out, prepping the mini digital voice recorder and setting it up, all the while slipping out the President's normal notepad and favorite pen. A few quick movements and she had the briefing notes along with the latest security releases in hand.

He'd never really been fond of these meetings. Maybe because the first ones he'd been in had been somewhat under the gun, and later, very much under the gun.

Guns seemed to be a reoccuring theme in his life.

He very specifically didn't sigh, but settled quietly next to Roslin and pulled out his own copies of the notes as well as his own notebook. Commander and Captain Adama both looked - to his untrained eye - worried and a little tired. It wasn't exactly a new thing.
viper_instincts on June 27th, 2006 10:08 am (UTC)
The captain lifted a corner of his lips. Enough of a smile presented itself discreetly to the president to acknowledge his approval and amusement. It was quickly suppressed when the Commander revealed his plans to upgrade Colonial One. Despite having just reserved a bit of anger towards the old man a few moments ago, Lee respected his father's spontaneous charity sometimes.

Having done his part to update his senior officers, he let the Commander explain the next step to the president. He agreed to stay for a few moments until he absolutely couldn't keep Starbuck and the Marines waiting any longer. He wanted to hear what the presidency and the military were going to end this situation.
wilhelmkeikeya on June 28th, 2006 07:57 pm (UTC)
Billy started at being addressed and smiled sheepishly. No one needed to know that he was cataloging the x number of things to do once they'd gotten back.

The press release and gone well enough - he only occasionally woke up with night sweats about briefings anymore - and now they were here. He needed the rest of his life off.

"Yes, ma'am."

He straightened as the door - he still couldn't remember to call them hatches - opened and the President moved forward.

Chin up, eyes forward, Keikeya, he thought and followed.
adama_bsg_75adama_bsg_75 on July 2nd, 2006 02:54 am (UTC)
Bill intuitively leant to his left, where Laura sat as he spoke.

“Gideon is a steamrunner class transport vessel,” he watched her over his glasses as he continued. “Unfortunately it means that we can’t receive that class of ship on our hangar bay without extensive reconfiguration of our launch and recovery systems, which I am unwilling to do because of personnel and operational issues.” He took a moment to read her understanding of the situation before breaking eye contact. “I have a raptor ready to take Major Cottle over to assess the situation further he will be accompanied by a strike team to address security considerations.”

Laura stared back into his eyes, her hands folded around the pen that Billy had handed her earlier. She wasn't writing anything, but with her glasses on the pen gave her fingertips something to do other than being nervous. She nodded in slow understanding to his words, acceptance... until he mentioned the strike team. Laura frowned..."Commander, the doctor is fine... But a strike team? I think that's being a bit heavy handed. I need to speak to these people, maybe they'll see peacable reason without needing the military to wave guns in their faces."

“Madame President.” Adama’s lips pursed as he tried not to let the strain show in his voice. “We’re dealing with terrorists here; I don’t send my people into to dangerous situations without the proper back-up. Major Cottle is a indispensable member of my staff and the fleet as a whole.”

Laura watched his eyes for a long moment, but she nodded slowly. "No gun is drawn... no move is made against them unless it's self defense. I think we can still handle this peacefully, Commander." Another stand off. It only felt like days ago, and truthfully it was only weeks ago, that she was in the same negotiation over the teacher's union. They always wanted to send in the guns... she frowned, "Can you get me on a wireless channel with them, Commander? Let me talk to them first."

Adama made a note on the pad in front of him. It was only a week earlier that he’d wanted her to talk with the prisoners on the Astral Queen. Bill surmised that it was easier to see someone like Zarek as a threat as opposed to desperate civilians “The dissidents are sealed in a cargo hold; when our boarding party makes entry you can communicate via the tac-radio frequency.”

Laura nodded slowly, that frown slightly lingering upon her lips, but she accepted it. "Alright then, gentlemen... If we are fairly certain that the cholera has been contained to that ship, I have announcements I need to make to the fleet." She stood slowly from the table, using it to support her for a moment, her favourite pen still in hand. "If I could use your comm system, Commander, I would be most grateful." She didn't want to put off talking to the fleet any longer. Her eyes then paused, going towards Lee, "Do be careful, Captain, and bring Ms. Tigh back in one piece?" She gave him the briefest of smiles.

Bill darted a look towards where Colonel Tigh had sat silently. The already black look on his face darkened when the President made reference to the unconfirmed reports that Ellen Tigh was on the Gideon. Once every watch rotation Galactica transmitted updated contingency FTL calculations to the fleet to compensate for stellar drift. Adama let the cover of his pocket watch spring open. “Mr Gaeta will be signalling fleetwide in the next 30 minutes, I’ll make sure you have a channel at that time.”

Well, it wasn't exactly two minutes from now. But hopefully they would have more information about what was happening on the Gideon by then. Roslin nodded, still standing, "Alright then. Let's get this matter moving. The longer we stand here talking, the longer those men are dying over there." Roslin didn't have the authority to dismiss anyone, or tell them to be on their way, but she looked back to the Commander, waiting for him to give the orders so they could retire this meeting. She could only hope it would be in time.

Bill lifted his binder “Yes Sir.” He nodded before turning toward his son. “Go.” The simple statement was enough to set the operation in motion. “I’ll show you to your quarters on my way to Combat Madame President.”
presidentroslin on July 2nd, 2006 03:10 am (UTC)
Laura smiled slightly, "If you don't mind, Commander, I'd like to join you. See how the professionals do it." She looked to Billy, "You're welcome to come with us, Billy, or settle into guest quarters." But there was just a slightly knowing smile upon her lips. At least a hint of levity to this all, the thought that her young aide might see that woman she only recently heard him mention. Dualla. Laura would be curious to get a glimpse of the young woman herself.

"Of course." He gestured for her to take the lead in vacating the ward room. As they stepped over the threshold Bill turned to meet the voice he had been expecting. "Commander request permission to take comm.-"

"I need you here Colonel."

Bill knew the state of turmoil his XO must have been in, but to his credit Tigh's wariness of the civilian government outweighed his discomfiture and he did not press the matter in front of her, drawing his heels together Tigh rendered a crisp hand salute. "Yes Sir." The words were almost choked. "Carry on Colonel." Bill watched his oldest friend turn and head in the direction of D causeway.

[[Joint IM RP by presidentroslin and adama_bsg_75 Hopefully it's clear from this that Kara's leading the Marines, and Lee is getting Ellen Tigh. It wasn't directly spelled out in text, but that's the plan!]