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17 June 2006 @ 10:37 am
It has been two weeks since the exodus of the Twelve Colonies. The prisoners are one day away from finishing their goal: tomorrow, water will happily be distributed to the fleet and the shortage will be over...

Suddenly, a serious epidemic has hit the Gideon -- one of the fleet's heavy hauler transport vessels.

A group of dissenters are [withholding water] from the rest of the passengers by sealing themselves inside the vessel's water tank cabin. They are dehydrating the ship on purpose, believing that quick death in there is better than life out here. Not everyone on Gideon agrees, but nothing will change the group's mind.

The dissenters, calling themselves The Wringers, have contracted [cholera] inside the cabin and may infect the rest of Gideon if not helped. Though their plan has backfired on them, The Wringers nonetheless refuse to vacate.

The Wringers are highly-skilled craftsmen critical to running the Gideon: they cannot be allowed to die. The press is demanding medical attention for these doomed souls. The Marines must be sent in to quarantine the ill and bring them vaccination. Those most sick will need to be transported back to Galactica's medical lab. Risking exposure, Galactica cannot afford to lose any more sick officers. This is causing paranoia, especially amongst pilots who share beverages.

Meanwhile, amongst the ill, a mysterious woman is identified as Ellen Tigh -- wife of Executive Officer Colonel Tigh. When she awoke from her coma aboard the Gideon, Ellen had no idea where she was. Neither was anyone willing to believe her relation to the much-disliked XO of the much-disliked Galactica. They have treated her as another miserable stowaway.

And now she's stuck on a diseased ship. Will the cholera kill Ellen...or will her own frustration?

There are many events... And you have a plan.

Note: The Gideon is the same ship where Marines shoot and kill a few civilians during a riot. Reporter D'Anna Biers will later refer to this event as the "Gideon Massacre". Most people aboard the ship do not approve of Roslin as president.

Events are explained in detail [here].

viper_instincts on June 17th, 2006 06:17 pm (UTC)
Apollo replaced the phone back in its cradle and eyed his pilots drifting out of the room from the morning's debriefing. Well, that had been interesting news from C.I.C... And what was this nonsense about some woman claiming to be the XO's wife? Wasn't Tigh grieving over her?

The podium behind where Apollo stood was suddenly looking small and abandoned, due mostly to the stack of new duties that had suddenly racked up on his plate. Was he going to have to call some of the pilots back now and change the scope of their day's work?

Rubbing the bridge of his nose, he made a mental list of the best-trained Marines to ask for the job. He was mostly in direct command of the Air Group and therefore tended not to middle manage or question the ability of Galactica's Marine squadron leader. But he would need Boomer and Crashdown on one of those Raptors to Gideon. Boomer was the most competent Raptor pilot in the fleet, in his opinion. And that meant he trusted her most to transport ill passengers.

Still, why the hell did he see this one coming?

Snatching the octagonal report from the podium surface, Apollo sighed and headed out to get his assignments, as per the C.I.C.'s request a moment ago. He shrugged his brows at Starbuck on the way out.

"Shit's hit the man."
felix_gaeta on June 17th, 2006 06:28 pm (UTC)
“This is Lieutenant Gaeta, the officer of the watch. How can I help you?” Felix said into the phone at the central table in CIC, holding the phone up by his shoulder while initialing paperwork. He'd grown used to calls from the various ships' captains coming in at all hours of the day. Most had legitimate questions about refueling or the new water replenishment schedule, but some were nothing more than pointless complaints being made when the captains in question knew the Commander wasn't the one they'd be talking to. The past two weeks had taught Felix that the captain of the Gideon tended to fall firmly in the latter category. As he listened, however, he started to get more concerned.

“A disease outbreak, you think?” That had definitely been one of the many worries that had been brought up during staff meetings. Forty-seven thousand people crammed into a few dozen ships was a situation asking for such a problem. “Do you have any idea what kind?”

He snagged a piece of paper and winced as the man on the other side started shouting. “No, sir, I understand that you're not a doctor. Just describe the symptoms if you can and I'll relay them on to our medical staff.” All one doctor. After another moment of listening to incoherent sputtering, he continued, “Sir, the sooner we get this information, the faster we can deal with it.” Jotting down the captain's response, he then says, “Thank you. I'll get back to you in a few minutes. In the meantime, just try to keep the sick separate from the rest of the passengers as best you can.” He sets the phone down, and reads over the paper. If he didn't know better, he'd guess cholera, but that seemed unlikely.

Felix looks across the room at Dualla. “Dee, contact Colonial One. See if they've had any reports of any disease outbreaks. The Commander will probably need to speak with the president, too.” He picks up his phone again, and punches it over to the general loudspeakers.

“Attention on Galactica. Pass the word, Commander Adama, Colonel Tigh, Captain Adama to CIC, please. Commander Adama, Colonel Tigh, Captain Adama to CIC.”
dualla on June 17th, 2006 07:31 pm (UTC)
Dee kept a careful eye on Gaeta as he handled the call he was on. Felix wasn't the easiest guy to read, but she had worked with him for some time and could tell when something was wrong. When Dee heard the word 'disease' she shook her head. This wouldn't be good. The call had come in from the Gideon. How much troubel could one ship be. Captain Apollo had told her about the group withholding water. Now this.

Dee nodded at Gaeta's order to contact Colonial One.

"Colonial One, this is Galactica." Dee heard the familar voice of the Colonial's communications officer. "Colonial, have you had any reports of disease outbreaks?"...."Yes"...."The Gideon."..."The same here."..."I'm sure the Commander will want to talk to the President as soon as he's been told."..."Galactica out."

Dualla turned to Gaeta. "Reports of a disease out break on the Gideon. But they've head from other ships as well. Not diseased themselves, but it means the news is spreading. I'm surpised we haven't heard more from..."

Dee shook her head. She had spoken to soon. Her board was lit up. "Lt, we're getting calls from half the fleet. I'm going to need something to tell them."
adama_bsg_75adama_bsg_75 on June 17th, 2006 09:29 pm (UTC)
Adama stood with his hands clasped in front of him as Chief Tyrol brought his maintenance report to a close. It seemed with key members of Deck Crew 5 acting as ground crew for the water reclamation operation the turn around time for servicing and prepping vipers was going to be extended considerably. Presently it wasn’t too much of a problem as thankfully there had been no enemy activity for the previous days. Even so the news concerned Bill.

“Do what you can Chief, we need these planes flying.”

”Aye Sir.” Tyrol drew his heels together and cut the air with his right hand.

He answered Tyrol’s salute “Carry on Chief.” Before he made it to the ladderwell leading up the access gantry the overheads wailed and the familiar tone of Mr Gaeta reverberated throughout the cavernous flight deck.

“Attention on Galactica. Pass the word, Commander Adama, Colonel Tigh, Captain Adama to CIC, please. Commander Adama, Colonel Tigh, Captain Adama to CIC.”

Adama turned mid stride and made his way to a near by service pen, notably vacant. The corresponding Viper being out on CAP. His hand closed around the receiver on the communications node and he made the connection with Combat.

“This is the Commander, Sitrep.”

Gaeta signals Dee to wait a moment and picks up the phone. "Lt. Gaeta here, sir. We've got a problem. There's some sort of disease outbreak on the Gideon. No other reports of infections, but the news is spreading through the fleet fast."

Anyone watching would have seen Bill’s shoulders slump at the news before he let the announcement vex him too greatly he tried to ascertain the facts. “Do we know what the disease is, or how many people are infected?”

"It's not clear yet, sir. It's possibly cholera, from the symptoms, but I don't think we can be sure until Doc Cottle checks them out." Even as he speaks, he's copying down the list of symptoms. Felix covers the mouthpiece, and orders one of the CIC staff to run the paper down to sickbay. "The captain wasn't too clear, but from the sounds of things, some of their critical crew may be sick already."

“Which Ship Mr Gaeta?”

"The Gideon, Sir." Felix frowns thoughtfully. "If I remember correctly, they've had trouble with people messing with their water supply. It's possible they've damaged it, which would certainly fit with a cholera outbreak."
"All these people living on ships not equipped for long term habitation." Bill commented ruefully. "We should have been expecting something like this." The flat timbre of his voice intoned his reflection. "Gideon is a supply ship, have Apollo order the CAP to isolate the Gideon immediately and pass the word for Major Cottle."

"Aye, sir." Felix covers the mouthpiece again and turns to Dualla. "Dee, order the CAP to isolate the Gideon." To Adama, he asks, "I've already contacted Colonial One and asked them to inform the President. Also, sir, we're getting bombarded by questions from other ships. What should we be telling them for now?"

"Good work Mr Gaeta, advise the other ships that they are to remain calm until we know all the facts." It was becoming clearer to Adama that the line between military and civilian affairs was becoming ever more blurred. "I'm on my way, I'll want a secure channel with Colonial One." the situation dictated that he put whatever resources he could, including his CMO to tackle this possible epidemic. Equally important however was that the response came in the form of military aid actioned by the President. The division of responsibility may have been a notional one, but he was determined that the President be empowered and, more importantly, that the people saw the President as responding swiftly and decisively to this latest crisis backed by the military.

"Aye, sir." Felix didn't have much confidence that the civilians would remain calm, but he knew it was the best they could do at the moment.

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ellentigh on June 17th, 2006 08:10 pm (UTC)
Ellen had woken up 12 hours ago and had spent the last 10 in a dream-like state while people rushed around her. The last thing she remembered before shock set in was hearing that Caprica City was being attacked. By the cylons. Surely she had heard that wrong. There was a sudden booming sound in the distance, and Ellen saw a mushroom cloud far away through the airport's glass windows. The next thing she knew, an entire wall of those same glass windows came crashing inwards. A woman next to her screamed and it was the last thing Ellen heard before being knocked unconscious.

She had been on Picon for the last month or so, visiting a...friend. She was supposed to be at the decommissioning ceremony aboard Galactica but she and Saul had one of their fights during his last leave. Instead of drunkenly reconciling their differences as usual, Ellen had stormed out of the house screaming and bought herself a ticket to Picon. However, the guilt had set in quickly and after two or three weeks of her companion's cumbersome affections, and she actually missed her husband. Their fight had been bitter and full of scathing remarks as usual, Ellen being thoroughly annoyed with his lack of promotion and vexed by his stubborn loyalty to Bill and refusal to leave the soon to be defunct Galactica. She had been in the airport that day for a last minute attempt at reconciliation.

In the las few hours she had been forced to process a wealth of information on top of sorting through her own emotions. The cylons attacked. The entire government crumbled. The Colonial Fleet was wiped out. The colonies were destroyed. Billions of people are dead. There are only a handful of survivors and they are running from the cylons, with limited supplies and facilities. Getting over her shock, she had asked the woman who had explained all of this how they had survived. Faster-Than-Light travel. And one old, run-down Battlestar. Ellen's heart skipped a beat when she heard that. She pressed the issue but the lady wasn't sure what the name of the Battlestar was. Titanica, or Galaxia, or something. The women was obviously a civilian, and not a very bright one at that, Ellen judged. "Galactica?" "Oh yeah, that's it."

Ellen was overwhelmed. One Battlestar remaining, and it was Saul's. That run-down piece of crap had saved his life. Her life. The lives of thousands. "I need to contact the Galactica immediately." She demanded, coming to her senses. The woman sneered. "I need to speak with the XO. Saul Tigh. I'm his wife." The woman just stared at Ellen as if she was crazy, "Well then Mrs. Tide, you can get along and talk to one of their boys. Got a whole bunch of them soldiers in special suits onboard today on account of the Wringers. They're not too pleasant though, what with those rifles and all." Clearly, this woman was an idiot. Ellen followed her outside the cabin and began to protest but was cut off by an overpowering stench that had reached her nostrils.

"Oh yeah, and watch out for the cholera that's going 'round, ma'am." Said the woman with a smirk before taking off down the hall.

Ellen needed to find someone from Galactica, and quickly.
presidentroslin on June 20th, 2006 06:41 am (UTC)
Well, at the moment, finding anyone who had any sort of authority upon the Gideon and who wasn't up to their arms in calls, demands, or worries about the state of the ship was nearly impossible. People who Ellen passed were either terrified or accusing, staring at each other like any one of them could bring the plague. Cholera. The fleet was only hearing rumors right now, but aboard the Gideon, it was a reality. Cholera. It was as if the ship had been set back 50 years or a century. People in corners, huddled together, scared to move to another deck. The echoing sounds of crying, children and adults alike. Coughing, wretching. It was a hellspout, and the outbreak had only begun.

Finally, Ellen managed to track down one of the crew chiefs on the Gideon. He was in the mess hall, just sitting there, staring at his food. He needed to eat. He knew that. This was probably the only hour off he would have for days. He had to eat. But the food... He stared at it, as paranoid as everyone else. Was it infected? Was the water in his glass? So he just sat there, in the very, very empty mess hall, looking down at his plate of untouched food. His crewmans uniform gave him away, not military, but a uniform never the less. The uniform of those who ran this ship before the attacks, once professional and polish, it was already starting to look ragged an threadbare.

He still sat alone. No one wanted to come in this place. Even the person who finally pointed Ellen in his direction wouldn't actually escort her there. All Ellen had gotten was a frightened sound, "I think he went... in -there-." And then the person disappeared, quickly, not wanting to think about food in the least. As if the thought could spread infection. Or, at least, tempt them to hunger when they did not trust food to eat.

So, Ellen managed to track the man down, alone, in a quiet area to explain herself and her demands. He was an older man, just under fifty, though the gray at his temples was spreading to salt and pepper his hair. He still didn't touch his food, blue eyes staring down at the full plate. "...I think I'm going to be sick..." He could be heard to mutter, as Ellen came in the door.
ellentigh on June 21st, 2006 07:19 am (UTC)
"That would be most unforunate." Ellen picked her head up as high as she could currently muster it, and walked through the door. When the man's head swung around in surprise, Ellen cut him off before he could say a word. "You're a crew chief of this ship, correct?" He nodded his head dumbly at the woman wearing the pink skirt and blouse. Just like he, she too was stuck wearing whatever she had on her when the world ended, although weeks of nonactivity hadn't left hers as bedraggled. She paused for a second before launching into her demands. "I need to contact Galactica. It is a matter of utmost urgency."
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Six: profile with Baltarareyou_alive on June 23rd, 2006 08:04 pm (UTC)
In Baltar's office

Baltar muttered peevishly, "Cholera? Conspiracy or just people being stupid all on their own? Basic cleanliness shouldn't be beyond anyone in the fleet."

He had been alone, but he was hardly surprised when Six chimed in from behind his shoulder. "You don't need Cylons to cause problems like a cholera epidemic, Gaius. You've such fragile bodies and such limited minds, and you've lost your way. You do it all to yourselves."

Gaius stared angrily forward, pretending indifference to Six's sudden presence. "Why don't you just leave us be, then?"

Her face grew stern. "Because you'd do so well on your own?" She softened, and twined an arm around his neck from behind, caressing his cheek. "You know God has a plan for you, Gaius--why won't you listen to it? None of this has to be as hard as you're making it." Six pressed Baltar's cheek to turn his face toward hers, and gazed at him sorrowfully. Hungrily.

"Gaius, why are you worrying about the cholera? It can't touch you here. God won't allow it. He has a plan for you, which does not
involve dying of a wretched and ignominious disease. You are on His path already, with the Cylon detector. You need to stay useful to
them and remain on Galactica. Make the detector. You do want to experience...", and now Six snaked her body around to Gaius's front, and he felt the heat of her along the length of him, "... God's love, don't you, Gaius?" And she lowered her face to his.
DRADIS: contactsdradis on June 25th, 2006 09:58 am (UTC)
The office chair on which Gauis was astride creaked back slightly under the additional weight. His figure was so in sync with her imaginary movements that his senses bid him to relax and recline on auto-pilot. His arousal was very real besides -- it was as if she was really there -- but his expression remained grim and stubborn.

"Pardon me for holding back on my praise and affection when I'm right on the edge of being asked to muck about in that cesspool of a ship," he replied.

His dark lashes fluttered wildly along with his distracted thoughts. He had a feeling he was somehow going to be involved in the current epidemic whether he wanted to or not.

"I'm not exactly in the right to deny the Commander my willing participation, am I?"

Gauis' tone stiffened, he refused to glance at her.

[OOC: Giving Claudia something to work with. Can delete this reply if an IM response is already in progress.]
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viper_instincts on June 27th, 2006 09:51 am (UTC)
"I'm inclined to agree, but that'll be the President's call."

Lee's jaw tightened and he checked his anger. He didn't like his father's tone any more than the Commander probably appreciated his split loyalties at the moment. The captain swallowed the bad taste in his mouth. He wasn't sure if it was frustration or disappointment that he was feeling -- disappointment, perhaps, that his decision to serve Roslin was beginning to wedge a divide between himself and his father. Could have certainly been both.

"We've got a lot of desperate people out on the fleet. I want to know fast if we have a potential security problem."

"Starbuck's already on detail," Lee replied curtly. "She's speaking with Cottle."

He chose to ignore the Baltar pursuit for now. There were bigger fish to fry and he explained that he would sync up with the lieutenant as soon as the briefing was over. Lee needed as much help as possible, but the colonial guard was under-staffed like the rest of them. He and Starbuck were going to be wearing several hats on this mission. Kara had sniping abilities that he didn't. It was Lee's responsibility to make sure the situation didn't turn ugly.

"An aide aboard the ship claims the bacteria has mostly been contained the past day or so to the insurgents within the cabin. The ship's water supply may need to be replaced or filtered entirely. Only a few other civilians who've been in contact with the Wringers reported in sick. The captain of the ship is playing hide and seek. No one has seen him since the outbreak happened. Their crew chief has also abandoned his post; Raptor landing may be a harrassment so a Marine will stay behind to dissuade hijacking."

Several people aboard the Gideon already tried to flee, but thankfully the CAP hadn't identified any escaping planes since the shut-in.

Lee tightened his jaw uncomfortably and eyed the XO.

"There's something else. Combat picked up more rumors from the alternative press. Passengers are claiming they've run into a woman named Ellen Tigh. The press is making a ruckus about it more than the civilians are."
dualla on June 28th, 2006 11:11 pm (UTC)
Dee was at the point where she was basically on auto-pilot as far as responding to calls was concerned. Every call was the same. No, there was no evidence that the outbreak had spread to other ships. Yes, the President and the Commander were currently working on a solution. Yes, they'd be informed as soon as a plan had been formalized.

So, her mind began to wander. Colonial One had arrived. That meant that Billy was onboard. She tried to push the thoughts away, she really should be focusing on her work, but thoughts of the President's awkward, but cute young aid kept coming back. She hoped that they'd at least be able to catch a moment together before the ship left again.

There was a little bit of chatter going on. There were bits and pieces of rumors floating about that an Ellen Tigh was somewhere in the fleet, claiming to be the XOs wife. As far as Dee could tell, there was no conformation of any of it. But she made a mental note to tell the Old Man about it later. She didn't want to go directly to Tigh for it, not with the little knowledge she currently had.
felix_gaeta on June 29th, 2006 03:22 am (UTC)
Despite the cholera outbreak and the public relations crisis, life must go on. Galactica's CIC staff continue with the hundreds of tasks that it takes to run both the ship and the Fleet. This leaves Felix once more wishing that he had an actual staff like he would on any other battlestar, rather than trying to simultaneously oversee jump coordinate recalcs, finish going over the CO2 scrubber overhaul reports, track down what was shipped where from Gideon, and keep an eye on the Ops station and DRADIS screens in case the Cylons decided that now would be a good time to find the Fleet.

Walking over to Dee's station, he waits for her to finish her current transmission, then says, "Dee, when you get a chance, tell the Fleet that despite the current problem, we'll still be transmitting the updated jump coordinates in a half hour. Remind them that they need to clear the channels to Galactica while we do that." He smiles. "Hopefully that'll give you a few minutes without their nagging. Here anything useful or interesting yet, or is it all junk?"
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ellentigh on July 4th, 2006 04:29 am (UTC)
"Look, lady... Truth be told, everyone -does- want to talk to Galatica. You're the XO's wife? Well then I'm the CO's cousin. People will say anything to get in touch with who they want. I can't do anything unless you got some sort of proof. You happen to carry around your marriage certificate?" He joked. He clearly still didn't believe her.

Ellen sighed. Of course anything documenting her marriage to Saul was now very far away, assuming it hadn't been destroyed. She had no idea where her purse was as whoever it was who saved her the day of the attack hadn't bothered to grab it. Everything had been in her bag that day, tickets, money, pictures, ID - Ellen stopped mid-thought. "I have ID!" She exclaimed excitedly. She had taken her Colonial ID out of her purse and placed it in her jacket pocket for easy access during boarding procedures. Ellen frantically dug into her pocket and produced the goverment-issued identification card. She waved it in front of the man. "It may not be a marriage certificate, but it does have my married name on there." She held it up for him to see.

"At the very least, you can clearly see that I am related to the Colonel by some means." She said smugly. "I cannot stress the importance of my being able to make a call to Galactica "
presidentroslin on July 4th, 2006 04:43 am (UTC)
The man remained silent for a long, long moment as she handed him her ID. He looked it over, checking for all the offical marks and seals. Everything there. Definitely her picture, and definitely the Tigh name. Even if they weren't married, which he was beginning to suspect that they were, they were related. He didn't do or say a thing for just a heartbeat or two and then suddenly...

..His gun was out. Pointed in her direction. A colder smile touched his lips. This was just the barganing chip they needed to get the Galatica and Presidency to stand up and listen to their demands. "Ms. Tigh... Well, you'll be talking to your husband, and telling him to do exactly what we want."
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viper_instincts on July 15th, 2006 01:54 am (UTC)


Story continued here.