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12 June 2006 @ 12:12 am
[The Past] Open to everyone.  
WHO: Anyone who wants to meet the new CAG.
WHERE: General quarters and hallways.
WHAT: Touring through Galactica.
WHEN: The morning after the Cylons attacked for five straight days.

Seven hours of sleep was a luxurious vacation after the harrowing events following the Cylons' marathon killing. Five straight days of flying. Five straight days of evasive manuevers and close calls. Five straight days of worrying who was left in the fleet to stand when it was all over.

When Lee slipped out of bed the next morning and looked in the mirror, his sunken eyes shocked him into remembering the Olympic Carrier engulfed by white flame, shortly after artillery blasted it into scraps of metal. Yet, it wasn't the people aboard that cruiser that he dreamt about last night. It was the Cylon basestar. Its relentless pursuit of their fleet only furthered in Lee's mind the notion that toasters were nothing more than machines, uncapable of fatigue or the effects on the human body that word entailed.

Stepping into gray jogging pants, Lee peeked into the adjoining room and heard rustling behind bed curtains, suggesting other officers were waking. Today was an important day for him. He pressed his bed hair down to a more presentable shape and stepped into his role as Galactica's new CAG. Though he'd had his trial by fire (all five days of it), he was largely unfamiliar with the schematics of the ship and thus decided a jog around the labyrinthine halls was in order.

Besides. It would mean a chance to distract his thoughts from the ghosts of the Olympic Carrier. Cracking his neck upon reaching the halls, he kept his eye out for anyone familiar and began a light jog. Time to find out who was an early bird on his father's old battlestar.

felix_gaeta on June 13th, 2006 11:49 pm (UTC)
Yawning fiercely, Felix Gaeta stumbles out of CIC and staggers towards the mess. His own rest had been cut over an hour short when the FTL computer had decided to spontaneously cease functioning. Admittedly, this was a far better time for it to do so than, say, seven hours or more hours prior (or for that matter in the middle of Colonel Tigh's watch) but that didn't make Felix's head feel any better. It also left him with an hour to kill before his own watch actually started, and so he made his way through the corridors towards food and coffee.

The thought of coffee turn his mind towards supply issues and other concerns that were no doubt going to pop up now that they had more than thirty-three minutes to think about things. Thoughts of supply turn to maintenance for Galactica and the rest of the Fleet, maintenance into crew allocation, crew allocation to downtime, and downtime into the fact that he had almost knocked someone over when he turned the corner.

“Sorry, sorry,” Felix says, blinking blearily at his victim. “Oh. Captain Adama. Sorry, sir, I wasn't watching where I was going.”
viper_instincts on June 15th, 2006 05:32 am (UTC)
"Morning," Lee replied, scooting back a few paces to put some distance between him and the lieutenant. In the spare moments he had spent at the C.I.C., Gaeta's face had been one of the most recognizable...regardless the time of day. Did Gaeta sleep? Did he even have a relief or replacement?

Lee scoffed inwardly at his own question, knowing that a prime example of Galactica's under-staffing problem was staring him right in the face.

They were at an awkward impasse, Lee obstructing the centermost escape out of the hallway, so that they were forced to make conversation.

...However brief that proved.

"I can't help but notice you're in a rush, lieutenant."

Lee's tone was thick with sarcasm, and if it wasn't for the obvious mirth in his eyes, no one would have picked up on his humor. Then again...Lee didn't find upsetting people very difficult. It was just that, somehow, he doubted Gaeta was very emotional.
felix_gaeta on June 16th, 2006 02:42 am (UTC)
Felix manages to suppress any sign of irritation at Apollo's sarcastic tone even before he realizes that it's in good humor, an ability that has served him well during three years of working with Colonel Tigh. He manages to summon up a slight grin. “Not really, sir. Just heading from CIC to the mess to grab something to eat before my next watch.” He pauses a moment, then continues, “I, ah, hope that you're settling in well, sir.” He winces internally at that, but then, it wasn't as if he could ask what the Captain thought about the latest pyramid game.
viper_instincts on June 23rd, 2006 09:02 pm (UTC)
"As well as can be expected," Lee nodded vigorously -- a sure sign that the conversation was getting awkward. Or that perhaps he needed to spend more time getting to know Mr. Gaeta. Probably over tea and oatmeal. Maybe over a glass of ambrosia. But not this morning.

He could tell Gaeta was feeling much in the same as he.

"Nice holding up these past few days," Lee added, shifting awkwardly to leave. It was due compliment; they say the Tactical Officer's job was one of the hardest on any battleship, and Gaeta had pulled more than his fair share of double shifts just to keep their asses afloat.

Just before Lee turned to go, he was suddenly overcome with courage.

"Bear with me here, Gaeta. What do you people do for fun around here?"

If the question took the man by surprise, it was because he hadn't made the connection to Lee's train of thought earlier. He needed to decompress from the events of previous nights. He feared that being stuck indefinitely aboard Galactica with nothing to do in the forecoming months would render him crazy. Or worse, turn him permanently into a workaholic.