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18 October 2006 @ 05:30 pm
Who: Dr. Baltar, Six, open to others
Where: Baltar's Lab on Galactica
When: Is the crisis still going on? The Doctor could care less.
What: I flatly deny talking to any invisible people...

Gaius slouched in the chair in his lab, engaged in an exhaustive study of how many peanut shells he could chuck into the trash bin on the far side of the lab before missing. Cooked peanuts in the shell, of all the useless supplies the ship fleet have been carrying. Two thirds of the volume was inedible rubbish, and they had to be carefully stored at low temperatures and humidity to prevent the growth of carcinogenic fungus, plus the high frequency of allergies meant they couldn't risk adding them to any sauces or meat substitutes or other mass-produced meals. Whole peanuts in the shell in a bag at breakfast as a protein alternative since eggs were scarce: disgusting. They'd be better off grinding the peanuts, shell and all, and using the protein-rich fiber paste as a nutrient base for hydroponics, grow some fresh tomatoes or potatoes, but the powers that be didn't think of that, did they? They never asked him about useful things like that, only fuel additives and computer networks and mythical Xylon detectors, as if all the problems of the human race would suddenly be fixed if only we had a Xylon detector. That will certainly help when we run out of medicine, and food, and water, and ammunition, and fuel, and people. They'll be glad then that they had their only serious scientist locked up working on 'reconstructing' this fracking Xylon detector that never even existed in the first place...
Current Location: Baltar's laboratory
Current Mood: grumpygrumpy
Current Music: Galactica's obnoxious buzzing noises...