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25 June 2006 @ 03:33 pm
Medbay food is worse than the Mess Hall  
Who: Cally and whoever cares to visit!
Where: Galatica Medical Bay
When: Shortly before the place is flooded with Cholera Victims. 5 days after the shooting on the Astral Queen.
What: Cally really is going stir crazy. And if she has to eat on more bite of medbay food she might puke.

Cally stared up at the ceiling in medical bay. She and the ceiling had gotten to be quite close friends over the last few days. The sort of friend that never left your side and you could curl up with on a cold winter night. Well, as close a friend one can get with a piece of bulkhead at least. The first day of her time in med bay she didn't remember much. The Chief had come to visit, Socinus, Jammer even, but that was about it. The drugs were nice and sleeping in a warm, almost comfortable bed was even better. The second day she was rather more aware, the pain not nearly so bad as the food was, and everyone else was back to being busy.

By the third day, she had almost memorized every little shadow in the ceiling above her bed. The Chief had stopped in briefly again, making some sort of remark about her being lazy and laying on her ass. She almost begged Cottle to let her go back on duty, but a firm glare from both he and Tyrol taught her better. She went back to staring at the cieling.

It was now day five. It hurt, moving wasn't the best idea, no, stomach wounds were sometimes the worst, but she knew she was getting better. She was ready to get out of here, truth be told. She picked at a bit of the food on her tray and decided she preferred the company of the ceiling, so her eyes flickered back upwards and she sighed again, softer lips pressing into a bit of a line, a smirk at the situation. Just a week ago she would have given anything to rest for just an hour. Now she would do anything to be busting her butt on the deck.

She turned her head, looking for someone, anyone to pass, lips briefly parting, "Ah... Excuse me?...Nurse?... Sir?" Everyone was running around like chickens with their heads cut off. Tenderly, Cally reached her hands down and pushed herself up into sitting a bit straighter, trying to get someone's attention. The only one who seemed to be paying attention was her old pal the cieling.
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viper_instincts on June 27th, 2006 08:21 am (UTC)
As Captain Apollo stepped out of the senior officers quarters, freshly changed from his navy service uniform to more comfortable olive BDUs, he caught Chief Tyrol headed back to the direction of the Port Hangar Deck and glanced down the hall. That way was the infirmary and immediately he thought of Cally. He snagged a present from his bunk and took a detour to the medbay, wanting to say hello before his workout with Starbuck.

Truth be told, Lee was only able to visit Cally once before -- when she was initially bed-ridden after the hostage at Astral Queen. CAP duties, impromptu visits to see the President and overseeing the exchange of prisoners down at the drilling made him too busy to breathe of late. He felt bad for only sparing Cally a few moments, but perhaps she'd at least appreciate the gesture. As far as he was concerned, with the two of them having made it back alive, Lee could try to do more for her.

He heard the girl's voice before he even parted the curtain, slipping unnoticed from the nurses. The sight of her encouraged a cheeky smile from him.

"In space, no one can hear you scream," greeted her friendly neighborhood captain. He approached the bed and folded his arms, managing to hide what he was carrying.
cute_cally on June 27th, 2006 06:12 pm (UTC)
All Cally saw at first was a shadow of someone coming around the curtains. She only assumed it was one of the medical team she had been attempting to wave down for the last few minutes. She started a slightly impatient demand, but her lips stopped the moment she recognized the face. The previous impatience upon her features broke into a wide smile in Lee's direction, definitely encouraged to see him.

"Well, obviously somebody heard me to send someone as important as the CAG. I'm flattered, really, I didn't know my sick bed demands were quite so important." Cally returned a cheeky, warm grin in his direction, definitely happy to see him. One hand reached up, the one that wasn't weighted down by a lingering IV and pulse monitor, even if she was well on the road to recovery.

"Good to see you, stranger. Thought everyone forgot about me down here." She still smiled, clearly teasing with those words, the hand she offered forward stretching for one of his own, to give the best version of a hug as she could still propped up in bed. Truthfully, that was the only thing that still hurt, was sitting up and using her stomach muscles. They'd still be healing for a while yet. But she could handle it, she was strong like that.
viper_instincts on July 3rd, 2006 10:08 am (UTC)
By the time the Captain finished listening to Cally, he was already cooking up another fast one. He indicated as much with an appreciate smile.

"Everyone almost did," Lee began teasingly. "The Chief, on the hand...is doing a very convincing job out there of reminding everyone just how damned desperate things get at the hangar without your much-needed help."

He would have mentioned how much Tyrol himself was desperate of having Cally back, but that would have been both speculation and speaking for another officer, wasn't it? Not that...the Captain made a habit of speaking for other officers. It was merely that he caught the Chief giving him what appeared to be an evil eye in the hallway when he mentioned how long it had been since he'd visited Cally.

Tyrol had an instinct to protect his deck hands the way Lee looked out for his pilots. He didn't blame Tyrol for the hard feelings. Peering nosily at her IV bag and giving it a playful tap, he eyed the girl sympathetically.

"Gods, no wonder you look miserable. What are they feeding you here?"

Finally revealing what he carried to the medlab in secret, the Captain put his smile away and held his hand out. Roslin's now ripened pear was presented to the Specialist like some shiny, freckled surprise.

"For you. Don't ask me where I got it or I'll be answering questions all week," he went on. As always, he stood attentive as though he was perpetually stuck in an officer's stance. As he understood it, Cally would be back on her feet in no time as well.

"Now you can stop pretending you belong in here. How's the Doc treating you?"
cute_cally on July 9th, 2006 12:22 pm (UTC)
Cally slightly wrinkled her nose as he tapped against the IV bag, rolling her eyes towards it a moment before turning a warm, if slightly wiry smile back in Lee's direction. She chuckled, shaking her head, "Nothing too good, or I wouldn't still be able to see straight. But the stuff they had me on the first few days? That was the stuff. They should ration it out as a replacement for shoreleave." Cally teased with a small laugh.

Ouch, that was not a good idea yet, laughing. She just paused, eyes shutting a moment as she held her breath and steadied out the world. The pain was still pretty quick to pass, but vicious when it came, "...though maybe if I pout, he'll put the good stuff back in." She squeaked out after a moment, gaze reopening to look in Lee's direction. That's when she saw the fruit.

It made another clear, wide smile blossom on her yet-too-pale features. She reached her non-IVed hand out for it, looking dually impressed, "I'm still damned curious -where- you got it, but I won't look a gift horse in the mouth. Thanks, Lee. I guess this means you want me to forgive you for not visiting all this time?" She smirked, still clearly teasing.

Delicately, she fingered the pear. It was almost too good to be true. She took it up to her lips, taking a bite, just savouring it before she realized he asked her a question, "Oh... Cottle's... Cottle, you know. He's alright. If I didn't belong in here, trust me, I'd go just to get away from the cigarette smoke." Perhaps she said that just loud enough for Cottle to hear. Perhaps she intended to, also!
viper_instincts on July 11th, 2006 06:26 am (UTC)
Lee checked his laughter and settled for a broad, embarrassed chuckle. She'd hit bullseye with her comment...

"You wish," came the cocky rebuttal. "Not entirely you that I have to ask forgiveness from. The Chief wants his licks in, too. He thinks it's no one's but my damn fault for putting you temporarily out of commission."

Lee quirked both brows, pretending to be riled.

"D'you know he's giving me a worse time about my perfect landings than he's giving Boomer's dingers nowadays? As a matter of fact, give me that pear back!--"

He attempted to swipe for the fruit, but purposefully missed and instead reached over to give her hand a gentle pat. Cally was a good deck hand, never gotten on his bad side, and when push came to shove on the Astral Queen, he was just about the sorriest son of a bitch not to have taken that bullet for her.

Sometimes his arrogance, his pushy humor, was the only way Lee showed just how sorry he was. He kept pointedly silent after that and said nothing further about his lack of visitations; he knew he owed her more than this. Her downtime was his responsibility.

"Joining the gang soon?" he asked quietly.
10drluvincottle on July 15th, 2006 03:48 am (UTC)
At that moment, the curtain swipes open with the sharp clatter of steel rings against steel railing. The doctor takes a drag of his cigarette and breathes out the fumes straight into the partitioned cubicle, looking rather pointedly at his patient. He walks around the side of hte bed, picking up her chart, and flicks through its contents.

"How much are you urinating?", he asks bluntly. "I need to check the wound", the doctor says gruffly as his hands go to move the blanket from around Cally's waist and pulls up her top. None too tenderly, the doctor peels back the dressing and pokes and prods at the flesh surrounding the wound....
cute_cally on July 15th, 2006 06:52 am (UTC)
As Lee attempted to swipe away the pear, Cally laughed again, holding it quickly over her head and grinning at the CAG, "Mine now! Take this and we'll see who's knocking the dents out of your bird the next time you give me those puppy eyes." She laughed at him, shaking her head, just trying to figure out a way of laughing that didn't hurt like hell. Sometimes the pain was worth it, just for the experience of a rare laugh.

As they calmed again, she could see it in Lee's eyes. The guilt, the regret of not coming to see her. Tyrol's bugging him about it probably only made things worse, and as he patted her hand, she went a bit more serious, reaching her IV'd hand gently over to rest on top of his, "Lee... don't worry about it. I'm fine, a few more days and I'll be out of here and back to work," hopefully. "This is the most rest I've gotten since... since everything happened. Perhaps it's a good thing, I'm the lucky one that I am getting a full night's sleep. It's not your fault. It was a bad situation at a bad time. We're military, we know that might hapen. Don't even think about it again, really."

And that's the moment Cottle decided to bustle into the room. Cally turned her head towards him, a slightly wiry smirk brushing across her lips at his words, though it was accompanied by a somewhat noticable blush to her cheeks also. Did he have to ask that infront of the CAG?? "...I..I'm fine. It doesn't even really hurt. Can I go back to work now, really?" She stated flatly in Cottle's direction, giving him a determined smirk right back.
presidentroslin on July 18th, 2006 10:02 am (UTC)
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