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17 June 2006 @ 10:37 am
It has been two weeks since the exodus of the Twelve Colonies. The prisoners are one day away from finishing their goal: tomorrow, water will happily be distributed to the fleet and the shortage will be over...

Suddenly, a serious epidemic has hit the Gideon -- one of the fleet's heavy hauler transport vessels.

A group of dissenters are [withholding water] from the rest of the passengers by sealing themselves inside the vessel's water tank cabin. They are dehydrating the ship on purpose, believing that quick death in there is better than life out here. Not everyone on Gideon agrees, but nothing will change the group's mind.

The dissenters, calling themselves The Wringers, have contracted [cholera] inside the cabin and may infect the rest of Gideon if not helped. Though their plan has backfired on them, The Wringers nonetheless refuse to vacate.

The Wringers are highly-skilled craftsmen critical to running the Gideon: they cannot be allowed to die. The press is demanding medical attention for these doomed souls. The Marines must be sent in to quarantine the ill and bring them vaccination. Those most sick will need to be transported back to Galactica's medical lab. Risking exposure, Galactica cannot afford to lose any more sick officers. This is causing paranoia, especially amongst pilots who share beverages.

Meanwhile, amongst the ill, a mysterious woman is identified as Ellen Tigh -- wife of Executive Officer Colonel Tigh. When she awoke from her coma aboard the Gideon, Ellen had no idea where she was. Neither was anyone willing to believe her relation to the much-disliked XO of the much-disliked Galactica. They have treated her as another miserable stowaway.

And now she's stuck on a diseased ship. Will the cholera kill Ellen...or will her own frustration?

There are many events... And you have a plan.

Note: The Gideon is the same ship where Marines shoot and kill a few civilians during a riot. Reporter D'Anna Biers will later refer to this event as the "Gideon Massacre". Most people aboard the ship do not approve of Roslin as president.

Events are explained in detail [here].

felix_gaeta on June 17th, 2006 06:28 pm (UTC)
“This is Lieutenant Gaeta, the officer of the watch. How can I help you?” Felix said into the phone at the central table in CIC, holding the phone up by his shoulder while initialing paperwork. He'd grown used to calls from the various ships' captains coming in at all hours of the day. Most had legitimate questions about refueling or the new water replenishment schedule, but some were nothing more than pointless complaints being made when the captains in question knew the Commander wasn't the one they'd be talking to. The past two weeks had taught Felix that the captain of the Gideon tended to fall firmly in the latter category. As he listened, however, he started to get more concerned.

“A disease outbreak, you think?” That had definitely been one of the many worries that had been brought up during staff meetings. Forty-seven thousand people crammed into a few dozen ships was a situation asking for such a problem. “Do you have any idea what kind?”

He snagged a piece of paper and winced as the man on the other side started shouting. “No, sir, I understand that you're not a doctor. Just describe the symptoms if you can and I'll relay them on to our medical staff.” All one doctor. After another moment of listening to incoherent sputtering, he continued, “Sir, the sooner we get this information, the faster we can deal with it.” Jotting down the captain's response, he then says, “Thank you. I'll get back to you in a few minutes. In the meantime, just try to keep the sick separate from the rest of the passengers as best you can.” He sets the phone down, and reads over the paper. If he didn't know better, he'd guess cholera, but that seemed unlikely.

Felix looks across the room at Dualla. “Dee, contact Colonial One. See if they've had any reports of any disease outbreaks. The Commander will probably need to speak with the president, too.” He picks up his phone again, and punches it over to the general loudspeakers.

“Attention on Galactica. Pass the word, Commander Adama, Colonel Tigh, Captain Adama to CIC, please. Commander Adama, Colonel Tigh, Captain Adama to CIC.”